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Customers who purchase from our online site not only receive top grade quality products, they will get the very best after sales customer care from our highly motivated and professional team. We guarantee that support is rendered 7 days a week, 24 hours a day which will ensure all questions and feedback are responded to within 24 hours. All purchases made are delivered immediately and safely, we guarantee that your purchase will clear customs anywhere in the world 100%. In the rare occasion that a reshipment is required, we will reship the order at our own expense. We guarantee that only the finest quality and highest grade materials are used in the manufacture of each and every item on our site. To ensure this, a thorough inspection is carried out prior to shipping the item out. All items on our site are covered by a 1 year warranty against all manufacturing defects. Contact us via the online contact form if you have any questions or inquiries on your item. The warranty policy does not cover against intentional damage, loss of item or general wear and tear. The policy is void as well if the item was used in a way other than what it was designed for.

For More instructions on our Warranty, Please Contact us